The appearance of cracks is unsettling – this is a point that many homeowners identify. Given that a house is one of the most expensive things that you can invest in, it is always disturbing to see cracks appear anywhere on the building.

What exacerbates the anxiety about cracks is that in most cases, homeowners are not sure about the extent of the cracks and whether it is possible to find materials and expertise that can repair the cracks permanently. There are some types of crack repair materials that do not guarantee that cracks will be repaired permanently.
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The factors that cause cracks to expand even after the repair include thermal expansion and contraction and the continued shifting of walls or the foundation. The good news is that carbon fiber strips can be relied upon to fix cracks and prevent further expansion of the repaired cracks. Below are some reasons why you need to use carbon fiber strips as a solution for cracks.

  1. Superior Strength

Carbon fiber strips have exceptional strength. This is because the strips are made of many strands of carbon that are interwoven or arranged in parallel. It gives the strips tensile strength that is up to 10 times more than that of steel.

The high tensile strength and stiffness of carbon fiber strips mean that they will not bend, stretch, or be deformed when used to repair cracks. Hence, carbon fiber strips can be trusted to prevent further expansion of cracks because the strong bonds do not allow any new movement of walls.

  1. Low Thermal Expansion and the Ability to Tolerate High Temperature

As noted above, thermal expansion and contraction can cause cracks to expand. The small thermal expansion property of carbon fiber and the ability of the material to tolerate high temperature means that when used to fix cracks, the repaired area will not be subject to expansion and contraction. These properties also suggest that you can use carbon fiber strips to fix cracks in areas that have wide temperature variations and rest assured that the repair will last.

  1. Low Maintenance

Another reason why you should use carbon fiber strips to fix cracks is that once the repair work has been done by a professional, it will not need any further maintenance. It means that you will not have to invest any more time or money on maintenance.

  1. Low Visibility

Carbon fiber strips are less than one inch thick and, therefore, not easily visible when used to repair a crack. The small bumps that appear after fixing the strips become almost invisible once the repaired area is painted.