There are volumes of information on ways to remedy basement problems but sometimes finding the correct solution is more challenging. Understanding exactly what basement waterproofing is and the techniques involved becomes easier as you consult a basement waterproofing company. As you interview potential companies, consider these five things to ensure you hire the best basement waterproofing professional for the job.

1. Credentials and reviews When hiring any home improvement contractor, make sure they are properly bonded, insured and licensed in the state your home is located in. It is also recommended that you learn if they are affiliated with any industry associations. While you may read both negative and positive reviews and comments, look at the overall tone. If you see that the primary information you gather is positive and seems reliable, don’t be thrown off by a few negative remarks.

2. Warranty Review the warranty carefully. You want a lifetime warranty on the work as long as you own the home. If you are lucky you may even find a basement waterproofing contractor whose warranty will transfer to the new owners if you sell your home. If you are not sure of something while reviewing the contract, be sure to ask your contractor what each section means.

3. Quality materials. Ask to see samples of the materials they will be using or at minimum, an explanation of how the system works. You must have confidence that the materials being used are of high quality and specific to the job.

4. Reasonable pricing. Do a little research of your own. Become familiar with what you’ve been told you need in your basement and seek the reasonable expense. Avoid the cheapest price unless it truly makes sense to you as cheaper is not usually better.

5. Ask questions. Conduct a thorough interview. Never forget that you are hiring someone to do work in your home. If you don’t feel confident in their answers and comfortable in their presence, they may not be the right choice. Also be sure that you have all of your questions answered to your liking, both before and after the project is complete.

Lastly, ask for references and follow up with them. Choosing a contractor can be a daunting task but with research and preparation, you can easily find the right one for your job. For all your waterproofing needs contact us today!