Foundation cracks are enough to send a homeowner into a panic, but there are times when they are not as bad as you might imagine. Some cracks are aesthetically unpleasant but don’t really present too much of a problem. There are many cases where horizontal cracks are far less serious than other types. However, just to be certain, it’s best to have all cracks in the foundation checked out by a professional. There are also cracks that are almost always something to worry about.

When to worry

  • Water is coming in through the cracks.  Foundation Cracks | Monroeville, PA | Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
  • Stairstep cracks
  • Vertical cracks
  • Doors and windows become more difficult to open and close.
  • A bulging wall
  • Cracks appearing on the walls inside the home

You can avoid some of these issues by having cracks checked out and taken care of before things get worse. If you see water seeping into your basement or home, make a call immediately. An inspection will alert you to whether or not the cracks in your foundation are serious or not, and if they need to be repaired, you’ll learn what can be done.

Why do foundations crack?

Concrete cracks, that’s just a fact of life. There are several reasons why these cracks occur.

  • Houses settle and as they do, it can and often does cause cracks.
  • Freezing and thawing – winter brings with it a freezing and thawing cycle. This cycle can easily cause cracking.
  • Trees and bushes are beautiful, but their roots can be the enemy of your foundation. Their roots can be the reason why your foundation has cracks.
  • Hydrostatic pressure occurs when soil becomes saturated with water. The pressure from the soil expanding can cause cracks.

It’s very important to have any cracks in your foundation checked out. A professional inspection will determine the cause of the cracks and what can be done to repair them. There are a number of ways that foundation repairs are done. The company that inspects your foundation can discuss the best way to repair your foundation. The method and cost will depend on your foundation issues and how serious they are. One thing that you never want to do is ignore foundation issues. Not only can they cause bigger problems, but they also detract from the home’s value. When the time comes that you want to sell your home, you’ll get less money due to these issues.

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