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Tips for Preventing Basement Mold When Finishing Your Basement

Basement Mold
Basements are unlike any other room in the home. The conditions in the basement can’t be compared to conditions in other rooms. Basements are often cooler and damp, which are common problems for subterranean spaces. It is therefore not uncommon to find basement mold in these spaces.

However, homeowners are gaining a new appreciation for […]

What You Need To Know aboud Warped Paneling in Pittsburgh PA

Warped Paneling in Pittsburgh PA
Wood paneling is a great option for finishing a basement. It gives your basement a natural and calming feel. The only negative aspect of installing this paneling is that it can become warped.

There are several factors that can cause warped paneling. These include the following:

Changes in levels of humidity

Wood is […]

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Musty Odor? Your Air Conditioner Could Be to Blame

Musty Odor
One of the first signs of a mold infestation is a musty odor. If you can detect such an odor in your home, then you should have your home inspected for mold.
Mold in the Ducts
Mold can grow practically anywhere in the home. Environments that are dark and hidden from view are especially great for […]

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Dealing with Damp Basement Walls in Evans City PA

Damp Basement Walls in Evans City PA
Walls with insulation are fitted with vapor barriers. These are plastic sheets that prevent the penetration of moisture through the wall into the room. If you have noticed condensation on your vapor barrier, you may be dealing with damp basement walls.
Where is the moisture coming from?
It isn’t uncommon to […]

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Efflorescence – Tips for Before You Decorate

Have you noticed a white powdery substance on your basement walls? This is what is known as efflorescence. It occurs as a result of water moving through the wall and leaving mineral deposits when it evaporates from the surface of the wall. If you’re planning to finish your basement, it is important to deal with […]

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Reasons for Peeling Paint in the Basement

Peeling Paint
Do you plan on painting your basement? It’s important you consider the problems that people encounter when painting basements. One such problem is peeling paint.

There are various reasons why paint peels off basement walls. The following are the most common causes and solutions.

High Levels of Humidity

High humidity levels in the basement will not […]

Common Foundation Crack Repair Solutions for Different Cracks

Foundation Crack Repair
Foundation cracks are always a bad sign of some problem with the foundation. However, different types of cracks indicate different problems. It is therefore important to study the type of cracks you have in your foundation in order to determine the best foundation crack repair solution.
Common Solutions
There are different cracks that can […]

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3 Common Sources of Crawl Space Leaking in Pittsburgh PA

Crawl Space Leaking in Pittsburgh PA
Crawl space leaking is a common problem in houses that have crawl spaces. It is a major inconvenience for those living in the home and can cause serious damage to items stored in the space. It can also result in mold and pest infestations, which can seriously compromise the health […]

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Causes, Signs and Solutions of Basement Moisture in Evans City PA

Basement Moisture in Evans City PA
Moisture in a basement can be a headache to a home owner if not corrected as soon as it is noticed. Not only does it lower the value of your building, it also causes health concerns to the people using it if mold and mildew start growing due to the […]

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Foundation Repair: 4 Key Misconceptions

Foundation Repair
Fixing a broken foundation is a hard concept to understand as it is. Then the world adds myths and misconceptions about foundation repair. Here are a four misconceptions debunked.
Misconception #1: You don’t need foundation repair because concrete cracks.
It is true that concrete cracks. It is not a matter of it but when. The […]

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