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Everdry Waterproofing offers tips regarding problems with basement floors and walls and basement waterproofing in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Basement Waterproofing Allegheny, PA

If you own a home, inspecting your basement should be part of your regular home maintenance projects. One of the most important things to check for being water or moisture in the basement. Wet basements can lead to so many problems. Ensuring that your basement is dry is well worth the effort. Don’t worry if […]

Foundation Repair: 4 Key Misconceptions Plum, PA

Foundation Repair
Fixing a broken foundation is a hard concept to understand as it is. Then the world adds myths and misconceptions about foundation repair. Here are a four misconceptions debunked.
Misconception #1: You don’t need foundation repair because concrete cracks.
It is true that concrete cracks. It is not a matter of it but when. The […]

Rust In Basements Are Not Always Caused by Moisture – Allegheny County, PA

Rust In Basements
Do you have steel beams in your basement? If you do, you’re probably concerned about rust and its effect on your basement.

Structural steel is quite strong and durable. This is one of the main reasons it is used for construction. However, steel is quite susceptible to corrosion. This corrosion (or rusting) compromises the […]

Cracks In Cinder Block Walls May Lead To A Leaky Basement – Bethel Park, PA

Cinder block foundation walls can be troublesome for homeowners. Rainy and snowy weather combined with an older home makes for a less than ideal situation that may lead to a leaky basement in Pittsburgh and other communities. Because there are more points of weakness in a cinder block wall foundation, they can be more troublesome […]

Reasons for Peeling Paint in the Basement

Peeling Paint
Do you plan on painting your basement? It’s important you consider the problems that people encounter when painting basements. One such problem is peeling paint.

There are various reasons why paint peels off basement walls. The following are the most common causes and solutions.

High Levels of Humidity

High humidity levels in the basement will not […]

Basement Cleaning After A Flood

When someone talks about cleaning up their basement following a flood, it doesn’t necessarily mean that an entire area was stricken with a flood. A “flooded” basement could be caused by a storm, by a sump pump that stopped working, or a burst pipe or any number of other reasons.

A flooded basement could be full […]

Fixing A Sagging Crawlspace

Are you noticing a dip in your floors? Do you feel as though you’re sinking into a hole when you walk across the floors in the house? If that’s the case, your home may have a sinking or sagging crawlspace and it could be time to contact a basement waterproofing professional.

What causes sagging?
Consider that the […]

Mold Myths Debunked

The basement waterproofing professionals at Everdry have heard it all when it comes to myths about mold. The best way to assure your home is mold-free is by having a basement inspection performed and addressing any potential water issue before it becomes a mold problem. Here are some myths about mold:

Myth #1: All mold is […]

The Importance of a Dry Basement

Basements are typically the “forgotten” room in the house until there is a standing water issue. The basement can, and perhaps should be, a place that your family looks to if they are considering expanding the living space of the existing home. A basement can be turned into an in-law apartment, an office, a bedroom, […]

Know The Early Signs of Water Damage In Your Basement

Do you know what to look for in your basement that reflects signs of water entering your home that may be causing basement water damage? What may appear to be a small discoloration on a wall you rarely look at could actually be the start of a serious issue that could lead to health problems […]

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