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Waterproofing holds up over time

After six years of occasional torrential rains, snow melt, and runoff problems from neighbors uphill from us, our waterproofing has held up well and our basement remains completely dry and comfortable. Our sump pump and Easy Breathe air exchange system continue to work without trouble, and we look forward to many more trouble-free years of service. Thank you, Everdry.

by Brian V, Slavinsky on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
After all these years...

We had Everdry install a water system in our basement in 1995. After this past weekend's (July 28, 2017) record rainfall of 5-6 inches, the system held up and protected us from flooding. After 22 years, the system still protected our home. Who would have expected that? Only now, after all of these years, we are seeing some wear and tear on the pump and the crew at Everdry is repairing the issue at no charge - thanks to their affordable service plan. Great job, guys!

water problem fixed

Troy and his crew finished our multi-step job in four days on July 28,2017. Crew was knowledgeable and professional. That evening Washington,Pa. received 6 inches of rain. No water in basement! Highly recommend. Jim and Donna P. Washington,Pa. 5 stars.

Transferable warranty

Our house had the Everdry system when we moved in. The warranty is transferable, so we are still benefiting from it. When we have had problems they are quick and courteous. Their phone customer service is extremely prompt and very friendly. I would highly recommend this company.

wet basement

We always had water in our basement after a rain or in the spring until we had everydry come in and do our inside and outside of the basement. Now bone dry......They did an excellent job....

Water in Basement

We had water leaking into our basement every time it rained. I thought it was coming from above but EverDry told me it was coming up from below. They guys came and in 2 days the installed the piping and the Sump Pump and an E Z Breath system. They were very professional and Tony explained everything to me through out the process. The really took care pulling up laminate wood flooring and tile to the point where I can reuse it. Nice guys that did great work in record time. I would recommend them to anyone!! DS Pittsburgh

Service Call

We had our basement waterproofed about 6 years ago. I called EverDry recently because I noticed that our sump pump battery light was not showing. I scheduled a service call for the following day. The service tech was on time, in fact he was early, installed a new battery, checked that everything else about the sump pump was OK and cleaned up the area. He was efficient and polite and did a great job.

Water Problems Corrected

I had water coming in through my basement floor at the walls. Everdry diagnosed the problem as hydrostatic pressure and installed a drainage system with two sump pumps. Now my basement is perfectly dry and no issues. The guys were super, cleaned up and even had follow up inspection with any adjustments taken care of by their inspector. Highly recommend them for your waterproofing needs!

Waterproofing with sump pump & E.ZBreathe

We are pleased with the waterproofing job completed by EverDry at our home. We were not quite sure if we needed this job done. However, we went ahead with a job realizing that each concrete block can hold up to 2 1/2 gallons of water. We have a nice home and we're planning to refinish our basement. Now, we have the security of a sump pump with these torrential downpours we've been receiving of late and a whole house ventilation system that keeps our basement cleaner smelling removing mold, bacteria, carbon dioxide and other unwanted particles. The crew was extremely cordial and EverDry fulfilled it a commitments.

Internal french drain

Everdry's patented internal system has performed great for 15+ years. An outside replacement of the existing french drain was out of the question. The expense would have been staggering. When we were hit with the aftermath of a hurricance from the south our basement was the only one on the street that was not flooded. My nephew had another company perform his inside drain work with a knockoff and his entire experience was horrible. He fired them and had to finish it himself. The guys from Everdry were prompt, efficient and caring. The transferable warranty is a great resale feature also should we ever decide to move

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