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Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
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by Betty Leddon on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
Everydry waterproofing

Very frindly and helpfull!

by Patti fleeger on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
Great work

Everyone was very respectful of home tried very hard not to make a mess. They had to work in very cold conditions and never complained. They were on time and did a very nice job for us. We would recommend them and would call them again if wr had an issue.

by Al S. Sarver, PA on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
Everdry Waterproofing

I just saw on the local weather that we are 17 inches above our normal rainfall. There are people who had water in their basements this year that have never had it before. I used Everdry 13 years ago when I first moved into this house. I have never had a drop of water in the basement since the day they finished. I have recommended Everdry to a neighbor who for the first time had a wet basement this year.

by Robin Barker on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
5 stars. Highly recommended

Always frienndly office staff. Questions answered quickly. Response time quick as well. My basement has been dry since the job was done and if ever i had a problem they call back quickly and come to the house with in a reasonable amount of time to fix the problem. I recommend everdry.

by Robert Seman on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
Everdry Waterproofing

We are very happy with the work done by Everydry Waterproofing . The job was done quickly. The crew wasted no time. They got right to the job and completed it within the expected time. The foreman was a very hard worker, kept me well informed of the progress and what they were doing. They cleaned after as best as they could, given they were working in rain all week, which brought a lot of mud down the stairs and into the basement. We still had some cleaning up to do of the dirt/mud but all the loose dirt was cleaned up. Most importantly, our basement is now dry after living in this house over 40 years. We're glad we finally do not have to be concerned when it rains. RS - Tarentum

by Denise Wiseman on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
Good Job

The crew did a good job and my mold has been replaced by clean white walls. (Durashield) So far there was only one problem and they came right back and fixed it. I would recommend them to friends or family. D.W., Sharon, Pa.

by Roy Patton on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
Job well done.

Gary and his crew were very professional and answered my questions. They did the job efficiently and effectively within 3 days and cleaned up well afterwards. There was one issue but they quickly rectified that. I would recommend them to anyone having water problems in their basement. R.P., Pittsburgh, PA

by Simon Tobin on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
Best Choice For Waterproofing

After about 2 months of moving in, we came home during a really bad rainstorm and found are finished basement floor covered in water. For over a year, every time we had bad or long rains, I would be chasing the water coming in with a shop-vac. The wall paneling and baseboards started getting ruined and it became too much of a losing battle. We had a few companies give proposals on how to remedy the problem and decided to go with EverDry. The other companies were only wanting to french drain the interior across the front and about 5 ft along each wall. EverDry proposed the Multi-Point system and we felt more confident addressing the whole issue rather than just a portion. Yeah it was considerably more expensive but Ive learned from the past that you get what you pay for. Since installation, we have had plenty of torrential downpours where many surrounding areas got flooded out. Ive waited a few months to post this review just to give it time and plenty of trials to make sure we were good. We have not had a single sign of water since install. Even during the worst storm that flooded everyone else out, i kept on checking on everything expecting to see some water somewhere. All i got was being able to hear a little water trickling into the french drain but that was only during the peak of the storm. We would have had a total loss if we made any other choice than EveryDry with the multi-step system. I am an HVAC service technician so i work in a lot of residential basements throughout the Pittsburgh area (about 5-7 houses a day) and I've recommended EveryDry to everyone I've come across needing waterproofing work. ~ST, Baldwin Borough, Pittsburgh.

by Chris on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh

After battling basement water for years we finally decided to bite the bullet and have EverDry come and take care of the problem. EverDry stands behind its work. I'm happy to report that even though they had to come and take care of an issue involving a drain pipe they never charged us for the work. When you call them they are courteous and polite, their supervisors & workers are very knowledgeable too.

by Jonathan Phelan on Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh
Great job!

Everdry did a great job installing their comprehensive waterproofing solution inside/outside of my house. The team was professional and dedicated to getting the job done promptly and properly.

A negative that became a big positive:

During the jackhammering process, some of the mortar in and around my fireplace was jarred loose. The production supervisor, Brandon, owned up to the issue and offered to repair the damage at Everdry's expense. The price tag for this service may seem steep, but it gives me great peace of mind knowing that the company will resolve issues at installation and in the future.

Ultimately, I'm satisfied with the work that Everdry did for my home. I would recommend their services to any and everyone that has issues with water in their basement.

JP - Grove City, PA

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