Dry Rot

Dry RotDry Rot is a term most often used to describe a particular kind of dry, cracking, rotting wood decay that is caused by a certain species of fungi. The fungi feeds on the moisture in the cells of the wood that give it strength and stability. It is caused by too much moisture being in contact with the wood and can appear and spread very quickly. It starts out as a microscopic spore which can resemble, in high enough concentrations, a white or fine brownish-orange dust or fungus growth. Dry rot is a byproduct of the decaying process so to halt the progression, you’ll need to replace whatever is damaged and find and treat the excessive water or moisture that is entering your home.


If you suspect you have dry rot, our team of experts can assess the situation to identify the source of the problem. If your home does have evidence of dry rot, our Everdry Waterproofing team can treat and eliminate the problem. Call us today at 1-800-388-3837 for a complete free in-house consultation or email us at everdrywaterstoppers@yahoo.com.