Rust on Appliances or Furniture

Metal is a conductor and therefore is susceptible to rusting when there is excessive moisture present. Because most basements are typically below ground level, it will be cooler than the floors above it creating a perfect environment for corrosion and rust. Metal objects will lose their heat quickly from cooler temperatures because of their conductive nature. When warmer air from outside the home enters your basement, it quickly condenses as it comes into contact with metal objects such as fuse boxes, washers or dryers, or other metal appliances. This condensation process allows moisture to collect on these metal surfaces causing them to rust, which is the beginning of a future problem. Being proactive and monitoring your appliances and furniture in susceptible environments is the first step in preventative measures. If you do notice that rust is staring to take hold in your basement, contacting Everdry Waterproofing for an In-House Consultation can help eliminate future issues and save you money in the long run.