White Chalky Substance

The white chalky substance noticed on concrete walls is a result of lime leaching out of the concrete and mortar in your basement wall. Known as efflorescence, it is an indication of excessive moisture or water in your basement and can lead to serious issues resulting in extra expense to fix your home or basement walls. The moment excessive moisture is noticed on the concrete of your basement walls, a problem is in the works and must be addressed immediately to prevent further damage.

If you notice cracks in the foundation of your home, the opportunity for water seepage is high particularly if there is a lot of groundwater around your home. Efflorescence naturally occurs with all wet concrete and is the most frequent problem that occurs in basements and crawl spaces. In order to counteract the effects of efflorescence and moisture in the walls and surrounding areas of your home, a waterproofing expert should evaluate your walls and make recommendations to permanently fixing your issues.

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