When you walk into your home do you notice an odor? Could it be mold or musty smells wafting up from the basement? If you have any water or moisture issues lingering in your basement, it very well could be the source of the smell.

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The basement waterproofing professionals from Everdry work with homeowners who are faced with wet basements and odors. Here are some steps that a basement waterproofing professional will take to help address those basement issues and why they occur:Musty Basement

  • He will check for mold growth as fungi will grow in dark, damp places and that scent will certainly permeate the house. If there is mold, he will explain how to address it – after he’s uncovered the source of it. There is no sense in removing mold until you have pinpointed its origin so that you address the entire problem.
  • Mold and mildew not only smell, but they could be source of health issues, especially if you’re allergic to mold spores. Mold and mildew can damage clothing, walls, floors and other items in your basement.
  • You will want to thoroughly clean all moldy surfaces in your basement. Your basement waterproofing professional will have suggestions on any protective wear you should don before you do that. He will also tell you the best products to use to remove the mold.
  • After washing the mold and mildew away you will want to get as much sunlight into the area as possible. Sunlight will kill mold. If you have furniture or carpets that are ridden with mold, it will be best to get them out of the basement and out into the sunlight. If you’re vacuuming, make certain you clean the vacuum cleaner bag and put it outside as soon as you’re done using it.
  • Your basement waterproofing professional can give your basement a once over to make certain no water is making its way in. If it is, he can help you address it. In many cases water comes in because of poor drainage or improperly placed downspouts.
  • Run a dehumidifier. Add ventilation if possible.
  • It may sound counterintuitive, but keep the basement windows closed. The reason for this is that if warm, humid outdoor air comes in and mingles with the cooler air of the basement it can lead to condensation and potentially, mold.

Don’t let a musty smelling basement linger. It’s best to have any potential moisture and water issues in your basement checked as soon as possible – especially before the potentially rainy autumn months arrive.