The Smarter Way to a Finished Basement

Protect your basement from moisture and add a touch of style all-in-one. DuraShield maintenance-free panels create a vapor barrier that prevents moisture from invading your basement, all while giving you a stylish finished look.

Benefits of DuraShield

DuraShield protects clay, brick, and stone foundations by simply adhering to the existing wall. Not only do these clean, smooth surfaces protect your basement from moisture, they also provide additional insulation.

DuraShield is installed in 4′ x 8′ panels.
These panels are adhered to your basement walls with durable button fasteners.

Basement Waterproofing | Lorain, OH | Everdry Waterproofing

Why Choose DuraShield?

  • Quickly create a finished look
  • Protect your basement from moisture
  • Add extra insulation to your basement
  • Easy installation
  • Zero maintenance required

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