Do you have a lot of items in your home that you need to store in the basement? Think, holiday decorations, off-season clothing and toys one child may have outgrown, but that a second child will use in a year or two. What do you do with all of that “stuff” that you will want in the future, but don’t have any space for now? If you have a basement, that might be the ideal location.

Beware, though! Don’t simply consider your basement a storage area for items you won’t use for a while; this is especially true if your basement has any kind of moisture issues. You will need to assure the basement is dry and storage-ready before you stash your items there.

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If you’re looking for a way to reclaim more of your home’s living space, call a basement waterproofing professional from Everdry to come over and inspect the space to ensure it’s not an issue. We will inspect for current, or potential water issues and offer tips for handling potential water issues.

What do you need to do before you stash your stuff in the basement? Here are a few to consider:

  1. Assure the basement is free of moisture. Mitigating water issues is a must. Using a dehumidifier might also make sense to keep water and moisture issues at bay. You know that moisture can lead to mold growth and moldy smells and you don’t want your belongings to be damaged simply because you stored them in the basement.
  2. Hire a professional to assess potential water threats. It’s not as easy as seeing standing water, or not seeing any water, to tell whether there is a moisture or wetness problem in your basement. It takes a trained eye to assess threats and work with you to address them. Water in the basement may not always leave obvious clues.
  3. Some of the reasons your basement might have water issues include:
  4. Leaks in the plumbing
  5. Cracks in the foundation
  6. High water table
  7. Improperly aligned or clogged gutters and downspouts
  8. Improperly graded soil around the home’s foundation

A basement waterproofing professional will inspect the area and let you know the findings. Once you know if, and why, there are water issues in the basement, you can work to address them. After the water has been addressed, you can reclaim the basement as either storage space or living space or both!

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