Are you noticing a dip in your floors? Do you feel as though you’re sinking into a hole when you walk across the floors in the house? If that’s the case, your home may have a sinking or sagging crawlspace and it could be time to contact a basement waterproofing professional.Uneven Floors

What causes sagging?
Consider that the floor joist of your home bears the weight of the entire structure. When the joist shows signs of compression because of the weight of the home, or too few support posts, it’s time to call in a basement waterproofing professional. Another cause for sagging could be inadequate crawl space support as that can lead to uneven floors, damage to the structure of the home and sinking floors.

What are the signs of a sagging crawlspace?
1. Rotting or moist wood
2. Cracks in the interior drywall
3. Tilting or sinking crawlspace support joists
4. Uneven floors
5. Doors or windows that are not level

How can a basement professional fix it?

Our basement waterproofing expert will inspect your crawlspace and make recommendations on how to address the issue. These recommendations may include installing additional support joists for stabilization. He will also identify any water issues and / or rotting wood and perhaps suggest a liner be added to the crawlspace.

If you have noticed any of the signs of a sagging crawlspace, contact our office to schedule a free waterproofing inspection to assure the integrity of your home and crawlspace.