Foundation Cracks in Pittsburgh PA

The last thing you have in mind when you finally get the keys to your home is dealing with any form of foundation damage. However, the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) says foundation cracks are among the main problems their members deal with. These are present in a large number of new homes and while they might look harmless, they pose great danger both to occupants and the house itself.

What Causes Foundation Cracking

If you have noticed any form of cracking on your foundation, you should immediately call a foundation contractor for immediate inspection and repairs. There are different causes of such cracking including poor construction, settling soil and soil moisture. Others include tree roots, natural disasters, plumbing leaks, poor soil preparation and evaporation among others.

The Risk of Foundation Cracking

While some cracks might look harmless, you need to be proactive in caring for your precious home. This includes calling in an established contractor to give a professional assessment of the problem. It is important to deal with foundation cracks earliest possible to avert the following devastating problems:

  1. Flood damage: During floods, water finds the route with least resistance and in this case, cracks provide an easy route. Lateral water pressure pushes against the walls and water flows in, causing devastation in your home. Many homes in flood zones are ruined due to foundation damage and to avert such a problem, you need to ensure your foundation walls are in the best shape possible.
  2. Health risks: Water entry through cracks in the foundation pose even more danger. High moisture levels or dampness in your basement will lead to toxic mold growth. Mold spores are allergens and will cause respiratory problems amongst your family. Repairing your foundation ensures you have a safer home and you will not have to worry about escalating medical bills.
  3. Foundation damage: When water flows through a damaged foundation, it causes further problems by ruining wood joists and metal fasteners used to strengthen this important part of your home. This leaves your home vulnerable and in case of freak weather, soil movement or natural disaster, the foundation will not sustain the pressure.
  4. Loss of home value: Any signs of foundation damage will turn away prospective buyers. In fact, any mention of foundation cracking in a home inspection report diminishes the value of the property.

If you have been ignoring foundation cracks in your home for some time, it is important to contact a foundation contractor to protect your precious investment.