Foundation wall cracks are the most common source of seepage in basements. They should be dealt with as soon as they are noticed to prevent damage to your property as a result of water problems. However, this can prove to be a challenge when you have a finished basement. It can be difficult to determine whether you have wall cracks in the foundation and if you do, their location and size.

Many people finish their basement walls by applying drywall or wall paneling. This means that there is a layer of material covering the foundation wall. Stripping the material may seem like the only solution for identifying foundation wall cracks. However, with the help of an experienced foundation repair contractor, you can identify these cracks without causing too much damage to your finished basement.

The following are some ways in which wall cracks can be identified in a finished basement without destroying it.

The first thing you should do is go outside. Take a walk around the home to identify the top of the foundation. This should extend a few inches above the grading. Grab a shovel and start pulling back the soil to expose the top part of the foundation wall.

Use a wire brush to clean the surface of the wall. Carefully inspect the exposed portion of the foundation wall for cracks. Cracks aren’t always obvious. You may not notice hairline cracks easily if you’re not keen enough. These cracks can be as small as 1/16 inches in width.

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If you are already experiencing basement seepage, you should spend some extra time inspecting the areas of the wall that correspond to the seepage. This will help you identify whether the seepage was a result of a crack or not.

Many homes with seepage issues only have a few foundation wall cracks. Don’t expect to find more than 10 cracks in your foundation. However, even a few cracks can cause serious problems for a foundation. It is therefore important to have these few cracks attended to as soon as possible.

What to do after you’ve found cracks

So you’ve found a few cracks in the wall of your foundation. What should you do next? The best thing to do is to get in touch with a foundation repair contractor. They will have your basement inspected and determine the best solution for repairing the foundation. Many contractors use a combination of solutions to prevent further cracking and ensure that the root cause of the cracking is dealt with.

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