You may have seen it in the news and read about it on the internet. Man’s best friend is now being used for a mold inspection. According to these articles, our canine friends have an x-ray vision when it comes to sniffing out mold. They are able to tell you what’s going on behind your walls.

Not just ordinary dogs

The dogs used in mold inspection aren’t your ordinary dogs. They are highly trained canines. They are specially trained to sniff out mold. Some undergo training from the tender age of 10 months. They require up to 800 hours of training. After the training, the dogs are able to detect up to 18 different types of mold that can be toxic to human beings.

The ability of dogs to detect mold even when it is hidden is thanks to the distinctive smell that mold gives off. Dogs are able to sniff out both active and inactive spores in your home.

Are dogs really effective at detecting mold?

Dogs are becoming quite popular in mold inspection. This is because:

  1. They are able to accurately identify where the mold is hidden

One of the biggest problems with fighting mold is that it is hidden. Mold can grow in wall cavities, below floorboards, and in various other hidden areas. While yo

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ur inspector can tell you that you have mold in your home, it may be difficult to identify exactly where in the home the mold is hidden.

Dogs can help to identify the exact site where the mold is.

  1. They are an efficient sampling system

Air sampling is often used to determine the level of contamination in the home. The only problem is that multiple samples are required for accuracy. This increases the costs of the inspection for homeowners.

Mold dogs can pinpoint the locations where mold infestations are. This allows for the inspectors to concentrate their testing efforts in these areas instead of spreading them throughout your home. This reduces the costs of sampling to the homeowner.

  1. They will help to reduce the costs of remediation

Mold dogs are able to sniff out exactly where mold is in the home. Since the location of the infestation is identified, remediation efforts can be concentrated in these areas. This reduces the costs of remediation to the homeowner.

Mold dogs have been used for years to locate mold infestations. They continue to be popular for mold inspection today.

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