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Whether your basement is a finished area or not, water intrusion can cost you lots of property damage, as well as other issues such as mold, high carbon dioxide levels and much more.  Basement waterproofing, therefore, is a valuable home repair.

There are several factors that need to be considered when you are facing a basement waterproofing ROI (return on investment) decision.  We’ve explained the most important ones below.

  • Don’t pay twice.  Not all waterproofing solutions are the same.  It’s easy to just select the lowest price waterproofing service.  But does that service really address all the problems you are experiencing in your basement?  Make certain that the solution you choose addresses ALL of the problems you are facing.  Basement issues generally fall into a couple of different categories:
    • Construction issues – These are issues related to bowing, crumbling or failing walls. When foundation walls begin to fail, it is imperative to deal with them quickly, before the situation gets worse and the cost gets higher.
    • Problems with the “walls’ – Water can enter a basement through cracks and other deficiencies in your basement walls. There are solutions specifically designed for treating these problems, and these solutions rarely solve other problems, like a leaky cove or footer.
    • Problems with the “floor” – Water can also enter through floor cracks as a result of water pressure from underneath (this is called hydrostatic pressure). There are solutions designed to treat water coming up through the floor, but they rarely solve other issues, like water coming in through the walls.
    • Problems with the “cove” – The area where your floor meets your walls is called the “cove”. This is a natural “crack” in your basement, and water often enters here.
    • Problems with the “footer” – Cracks or failures in the footer can also allow water to enter the basement. Again, repairs to the footer don’t always correct other issues in the basement where water enters.
    • Water vapor in the air – Most homeowners don’t stop to think that if the basement has leaks or moisture issues, that moisture manages to become airborne in the form of water vapor, which can cause or contribute to other issues, like wood rot.
  • Many consumers underestimate the value of a warranty. If the warranty isn’t transferable to the new owners, it is of no value when considering return on investment.  Further, if the warranty doesn’t last as long as the home does (infinitely transferable), it doesn’t provide as great a return.
  • Cost vs. Value. Remodeling Magazine each year releases a report that shows which home projects support the greatest return on investment (ROI) when selling your home.  While most people think that a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel would provide the best return, basement remodels actually score higher with an average 70% return on investment over time.  Kitchen and bathroom remodels follow, generally in the mid-sixty percent range.  While finishing your basement is a great investment, it makes no sense if the remodel is damaged by water, mold or worse because the foundation has issues.
  • Secondary benefits. There are several other important benefits to dealing with moisture problems in your basement.
    • Moisture issues in the basement can lead to the formation, growth and spread of problems like mold and mildew, which can actually be harmful to your health.
    • Leaking basements create valid concerns in the minds of real estate agents and prospective home buyers. Add to the moisture problem the presence of mold, mildew, rust or wood rot, and the concerns rise even higher.  Qualified home inspectors will warn a prospective buyer of any visible damage in the basement.  Smart buyers will require the issues to be remedied prior to closing or may demand a sum of money higher than the actual cost of having the issues dealt with prior to listing your home for sale.

If you are experiencing moisture issues in your basement or are seeing signs of moisture – things like white powder, blistering paint, mildew, mold or worse, get a free basement inspection by a qualified company to diagnose the problem and get if fixed before it costs you more.

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