According to an article in USA Today, insect damage is the #1 cause of financial loss in a home. Many homeowners find bugs in their home from time to time but a dark and damp basement provides the perfect residence for these little creatures! While most bugs are harmless, they can point to a bigger issue in your home. Because bugs cannot survive for any length of time without a constant source of moisture, the ones you find in a damp basement are an indication that you have sufficient moisture, making your basement a haven for bugs.

Here are 5 common bugs you may find in a damp basement:

Centipedes, with all their little feet, are creepy. Hard to catch, they often indictate not only a damp basement but a house that needs to be cleaned.

Mold Mites
If you have a damp basement, you probably have a colony of mold mites. Even if you spot these creatures, there is only one way to exterminate them for good and that is by getting rid of the mold.

Silverfish are nocturnal, silver-grey creatures that are hard to detect unless they are disturbed. They live on paper, fabric, coffee, sugar, human hair and clothing.

Earwigs are also nocturnal and difficult to find. They feed on insects and plants so keeping vegetation away from the foundation of your home can help keep them away from your foundation.

Sow Bugs
Sow bugs roll up into a ball when frightened. While useful in the garden to help loosen the soil, they head toward damp basements when the soil becomes too dry. Getting rid of them can be tough and the best way is to eliminate dampness in your home.

While you may never get rid of insects permanently in the house, the best solution is to eliminate the source of moisture and to make the basement less hospitable. If you have a damp basement, contact Everdry for answers to your questions.