Do you know what to look for in your basement that reflects signs of water entering your home that may be causing basement water damage? What may appear to be a small discoloration on a wall you rarely look at could actually be the start of a serious issue that could lead to health problems or loss of home value and energy consumption. While that small spot may not seem important, addressing it early can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

While wet basement floors reflect a problem with your foundation, most homeowners ignore the small signs that could, if addressed, save on much larger expenses. Water on a basement floor is the final stage that typically gets homeowners moving!

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to think that the crack in the concrete wall or on the floor is just the house settling. However, what you may be experiencing is bowing walls resulting from the pressure of the clay and dirt around the exterior of your home. What homeowners are able to see on the interior of their home is fewer than the cracks that exist on the outside. Popular Science magazine says that there are generally 3-4 times more cracks on the outside than inside. And these cracks allow for water seepage through the foundation into the home.

Another warning sign is a white powdery substance that forms on interior walls. This substance, or efflorescence is actually the remaining lime substance that remains on the walls after water passes through the concrete. While it can often be brushed off the walls and may lead a homeowner to think it’s a minor issue, the resulting deterioration of the cement walls is actually of greater concern.

Mold is a certain concern for a homeowner. While it can be removed with a strong cleanser, left untreated, mold can return to the same area. Mold spores pass throughout the home and can cause health issues.

Peeling Paint In The BasementYou may also notice peeling paint. This annoyance can be repaired with a paint can and brush however, the underlying problem is moisture in the basement causing the paint to bubble and chip. No matter how many times you repaint, the issue of a wet basement is not treated with a paint can.

Moisture in your basement is a serious problem, not one that people find exciting to address, yet very important to resolve. An inspection by a basement waterproofing company can determine the source(s) of the problem and provide solutions that will protect you, your family and your home for many years to come.