Foundation Repair | Keeping Plants Watered | Evans City, PA


Many homeowners invest in foundation repair and expect long-term results with little effort. While some repair solutions do not directly require regular maintenance, it doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook. If you want the best results from your repair solution for the long term, you’ll need to prevent further damage from occurring. This means making a conscious effort to safeguard your foundation from damage.

There are many facets to maintaining your foundation. One of them is being conscious of your landscaping. This is because your garden can put your foundation at risk of damage. Here’s how you can steer clear of common mistakes people make and thereby safeguard your foundation.

  1. Cut down trees and shrubs growing too close to your foundation

Trees are great for curb appeal. However, they can do your home more damage than good if they are growing too close to the foundation. The roots of the tree can cause damage to the foundation. You should contact a professional to have the trees cut down or moved to another location. You may also have a root barrier installed to prevent the roots from damaging the foundation.

Foundation Repair | Keeping Plants Watered | Evans City, PA

  1. Keep the thirsty roots well-watered

Greenery requires a lot of moisture in order to grow. If you don’t water your plants daily, their roots will grow faster and further in search of water. They will also dry up the soil as they absorb every drop of moisture they can get. This can have a detrimental effect on your foundation. Be sure to water your plants on a regular basis.

Consider installing an irrigation system. This will not only keep your plants happy but also ensure that moisture levels in the soil are maintained. This ensures stability of the foundation.

  1. Have your landscape regraded

Is your landscape sloping toward the foundation of your home? Have it regraded so that it slopes away from the home. This ensures water in the soil flows away from the foundation. This prevents increased hydrostatic pressure acting on the foundation and causing it to bow inward.

  1. Install drainage systems

If you have a landscape that often gets flooded with water, consider having a drainage system installed. This will ensure that the soil is not waterlogged and therefore does not exert excess pressure on the foundation. It will also keep your landscape looking healthy.

Be sure to consult with a foundation repair professional on what else you can do to maintain your foundation after repair.


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