The basement waterproofing professionals at Everdry have heard it all when it comes to myths about mold. The best way to assure your home is mold-free is by having a basement inspection performed and addressing any potential water issue before it becomes a mold problem. Here are some myths about mold:Mold Myths

Myth #1: All mold is deadly.

This isn’t necessarily the case. You certainly don’t want to let mold grow unimpeded, but mold will not immediately make you ill nor will it immediately mean you have to move out of your home. Many people will see mold and immediately say it’s “toxic mold.” That may, or may not, be the case. Not all molds are toxic or hazardous but they can all lead to damage of the area on which it’s found.

Myth #2: Mold will always make you ill.

Just because you have a cold or the sniffles doesn’t necessarily mean that mold is the cause — it could be a coincidence. Again, that is not to say that certain types of mold cannot make you ill, but not all mold will.

Myth #3: If you have mold, it’s because your home is dirty.

Mold doesn’t care whether your home is clean or dirty. Mold is caused by moisture and that means it can grow anywhere, in any home, if it’s damp.

Myth #4: Mildew and mold are the same thing.

Mold is typically black or green and “grows” once its taken hold. Mildew is gray or white and doesn’t usually grow once it’s been spotted.

Myth #5: You can always spot mold.

That is one of the biggest myths that we want to bust.. Yes, mold is an ugly growth and you will want to remove it, but chances are you won’t notice it because it doesn’t always grow out in the open or in an area you will readily spot. It doesn’t always have a smell, either.

If you believe you have any mold growth or if you know you have a moisture or water issue in your basement, give us a call and schedule a free inspection.