Our Basement Waterproofing Products


What Is StablWall™?

The StablWall™ system is a unique polymer wall bracing system that consists of space age technology carbon fiber sheets, epoxied to foundation walls to prevent cracks from opening wider. Thin as a dime and stronger than steel, the StablWall™ technology has been used for more than 25 years in a variety of industries from rugged commercial applications to the aerospace industry, from buildings and bridges, to retaining walls and tunnels. Nearly impossible to break, stretch or crack, StablWall™ protects the home by forming a permanent and indestructible barrier on foundation walls.

EZ Breathe

E•Z Breathe

E•Z Breathe replaces traditional dehumidifiers and ensures clean, fresh air flows throughout the home. Using just 40 watts of electricity, the E•Z Breathe costs a fraction of what a traditional dehumidifier can cost to run per month Plus, the maintenance-free E•Z Breathe will not harbor and spread mold and mildew throughout your home and is backed by an industry-leading 10 year warranty.E•Z Breathe™ expels the excess moisture that causes stale, polluted air, while creating a complete air exchange in the home, resulting in a fresh and healthy living environment.


Smart Power®

A major safety concern for homeowners today is protection from water damage and flooding. Water weakens foundation, rots timber and damages appliances and furniture. Don’t leave your biggest investment – your home – unprotected against water damage. During these times of emergency with no power, protect your biggest investment with Smart Power Battery Backup. Smart Power® will protect a home by automatically turning on when AC power fails. This battery backup system is superior to others in terms of power, running time, installation and construction.

Everdry Waterproofing

Master Service Warranty Info

We know that to provide you with top quality service, we must fully understand and assess the situation with your home or facility. After the initial inspection and consultation in your home, we will discuss the appropriate measures to address the waterproofing and repair solutions recommended to resolve your home’s problems.
Everdry Pittsburgh commits to providing:

  • A complete disclosure as to the measures to be taken
  • A cost estimate for review before work begins
  • Full documentation and status report of work performed

Everdry Pittsburgh’s Master Service Warranty covers the following:

  • OLD PROBLEM: Any old problems/seepage that occurs in covered areas (walls, cove floor)
  • NEW PROBLEM: Any new problems/seepage that occurs in covered areas (walls, cove floor)
  • EQUIPMENT: All checkups, repairs and replacement for any covered equipment for the duration of the warranty
  • FREE LABOR COSTS: All labor for additional service covered by the warranty is free of charge
  • FREE MATERIAL COSTS: All material required for additional service covered by the warranty is free of charge
  • SERVICE VISITS: No trip charge for visits to your home
  • MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Eligibility to receive upgrades to our innovation and advancements made to our products and services
    • An effective marketing tool that can be used to sell your home
    • Gives buyers additional confidence in their purchase of your home
    • Gives you the documentation that today’s laws require as to disclosing all repairs made to your home