E·Z Breathe

E·Z Breathe replaces traditional dehumidifiers and ensures clean, fresh air flows throughout the home. Using just 40 watts of electricity, the E·Z Breathe costs a fraction of what a traditional dehumidifier can cost to run per month Plus, the maintenance-free E·Z Breathe will not harbor and spread mold and mildew throughout your home and is backed by an industry-leading 10 year warranty.

E-Z Breathe™ expels the excess moisture that causes stale, polluted air, while creating a complete air exchange in the home, resulting in a fresh and healthy living environment.

According to the World Health Organization, indoor air pollution causes about 14 times more deaths than outdoor pollution, or about 2.8 million lives each year. The American Lung Association and EPA recognize three major strategies for reducing indoor air pollution:

  • Source control
  • Ventilation
  • Air cleaning

E·Z Breathe tackles them all for noticeably cleaner and fresher indoor air.

How Does E·Z Breathe Work?

Since water is heavier than air, the moisture in the building or home gravitates to the lowest level. E·Z Breathe draws the damp and contaminated air down and out of the home and vents it outside. It then replenishes the contaminated air with fresh, dry air resulting in a complete air exchange up to 10 times each day. The E·Z Breathe unit is equipped with a humidistat, which regulates airflow to achieve a desired level of humidity, providing continuous comfort and peace of mind, too.

E·Z Breathe’s slim profile allows the unit to fit in most any space, from a basement wall, to a crawlspace, to a laundry room. It can even be installed behind drywall for a more finished look.

EZ-Breathe Ventilation
E·Z Breathe provides these benefits:

  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Energy efficient; costs $4 per month to operate
  • Maintenance free and easy to operate with no filters to change or buckets of water to empty
  • One E·Z Breathe® unit does work comparable to seven dehumidifiers
  • Can be used in full basements, slabs or crawl spaces