What Is StablWall™?

The StablWall™ system is a unique polymer wall bracing system that consists of space age technology carbon fiber sheets, epoxied to foundation walls to prevent cracks from opening wider.

Thin as a dime and stronger than steel, the StablWall™ technology has been used for more than 25 years in a variety of industries from rugged commercial applications to the aerospace industry, from buildings and bridges, to retaining walls and tunnels. Nearly impossible to break, stretch or crack, StablWall™ protects the home by forming a permanent and indestructible barrier on foundation walls.

The StablWall™ System

Applied directly to foundation walls, the Stabl-Wall™ product counteracts the outside pressure by stabilizing the walls. It resists up to ten times normal pressure, making the walls stronger to eliminate shifting, expanding, cracking and bowing. Foundation walls crack and bow due to stress created from pressure exerted from expansive soil or lateral earth movement. If not properly reinforced, foundation walls could eventually collapse.

StablWall™ does not stretch. StablWall™ is 10 times stronger than steel in tensile strength. Once applied to a wall, (perpendicular to a crack), the crack will not open wider because the carbon fibers will not stretch. StablWall™ is cheaper and less intrusive than wall anchors, but easier to install and stronger.

How Does StablWall™ Work?

StablWall™ is made up of thousands of strands of carbon fibers, all running in the same direction and is designed for cracks up to 2″ wide. 10 times stronger than steel in tensile strength, once applied to a wall, (perpendicular to a crack), the crack will not open wider because the carbon fibers will not stretch and makes the wall stronger than before.

  • StablWall’s carbon fiber technology is the fastest-growing sector in the concrete re-enforcement industry and is fast becoming a favorite of homeowners and cotnractors alike.
  • StablWall is the only product on the market today that offers a permanent solution for a failing foundation.
  • StablWall not only fixes cracks and bows in basement walls, it actually improves the strength of the home’s foundation – for the life of the home.
  • StablWall completely eliminates ongoing maintenance and unsightly beams and anchors, which are major drawbacks associated with other foundation repair methods.

StablWall™ is:

  • 100% effective
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance-free
  • Unobtrusive

The Stabl-Wall System has a lifetime transferable warranty on the wall to which it is applied and the only maintenance free warranty.