Some Accessories You’ll Need to Set up Your Battery Backup System

Are you planning to have a battery backup system installed for your sump pump setup? Having a backup system significantly reduces the risk of your basement flooding.

If you want the system to work efficiently, it is important that it is set up correctly. Aside from purchasing the right sized sump pump and battery, there are various accessories that you should consider for your system. These include:

  1. A fuse

Installing a fuse between the charger/inverter and the battery of the backup system is a safety measure that you can’t ignore. Depending on the design of the system you have invested in, you may find that the fuse and its holder are not included. In many cases, these are items that need to be purchased separately.

When it comes to purchasing a fuse for your system, a 200-amp DC is the recommended fuse. This is not like the regular fuse you would find in your home’s fuse box. This is much larger. It is also intended for use with DC and not AC.

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If you’re looking for something that is easy to install, go for the ANL fuse. These are the same type that is used in the installation of high-end car stereos. You can, therefore, purchase them at any store that sells car audio equipment.

  1. Fuse holder

You will need the fuse holder to help connect the fuse to the wiring of the system. For ease, vendors often sell fuses and fuse holders as combo packs. However, you can find fuse holders that are sold separately.

Remember that the fuse cannot function without the fuse holder. It is therefore not any good to buy one without the other.

  1. An enclosure for the battery

You will need a battery enclosure depending on the design of your battery backup system as well as the system you invest in. Some systems come with enclosures for the battery. These enclosures ensure that the battery is protected from dirt and water. They prevent accidental short-circuiting.

If your system doesn’t come with an enclosure for your batteries, you can purchase one separately. Simply ensure that it comes with all the cabled that you will need to make a safe connection between the battery and the inverter or charger.

  1. Storage rack

This will provide a safe place on which your system can be installed. It will ensure the system is kept safe from everything including flood water in case of system failure.

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