Basements are typically the “forgotten” room in the house until there is a standing water issue. The basement can, and perhaps should be, a place that your family looks to if they are considering expanding the living space of the existing home. A basement can be turned into an in-law apartment, an office, a bedroom, a man cave or a sewing room. You don’t want to remodel until you have made certain you have a dry basement free of any water or moisture issues.Dry Basement Pump

When you’re getting ready to consider the basement as additional living space you will want to work with a basement waterproofing company to evaluate its condition. Here are some of the issues and problems your basement waterproofer may come across that should be addressed:

  1. Foundation cracks can lead to a wet basement. Cracks in the foundation can lead to ground water seeping in through the walls or up through the floor. Cracks should be addressed and fixed before they lead to larger cracks. Standing water around the home’s foundation can also lead to cracking in the walls.
  2. If you have standing water or continual water seeping through the walls you are inviting black mold to take hold. Mold needs a dark, damp place, cool temperatures and wood or porous concrete to begin growing. Black mold can lead to foundation issues and cause health issues as well if not addressed.
  3. You can’t reclaim your basement as living space until you have taken care of the moisture issues. Once the basement has been waterproofed you can begin creating a living area.
  4. If you only want the basement for storage, you can’t even safely do that if there is moisture or water issues. Anything that is stored there will become victim to mold and musty smells even if they’re stored in containers. In many cases the items stored in a wet basement will be unusable.
  5. Your home’s value will be diminished if you have a wet basement. Standing water, leaking walls and cracked foundation can decrease the value of your home and this can negatively impact the asking price. Address these issues before you put your home on the market.

If you have other questions or concerns about the state of your basement, give our office a call.