Do you ever wonder why your basement leaks? One of the reasons may be hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure caused by underground springs, rivers, and fluctuating water tables as it exerts pressure on another object, in this case, your basement foundation. This pressure can create cracks in the foundation walls or can cause a situation where water seeps in through the floor or at the point where the basement wall meets the floor. This pressure needs to be relieved by diverting the water to a location where it can be pumped away from the basement.

Because no two wet basement problems are alike, Everdry offers several solutions to fix the issue of water in your basement. When it comes to hydrostatic pressure, Everdry recommends a multi-step approach in the interior of your home. This approach protects the outside walls from further cracking and seepage while effectively removing the hydrostatic pressure at the base of the foundation. While treating both the interior and exterior of your home, this long-lasting solution is best for creating usable space within your home.

A leaky, wet basement is a common problem for many homes with basements in the United States and rainy seasons, water tables and other forces can suddenly create problems where they didn’t exist before. A thorough inspection of both the interior and the foundation around the perimeter of your home is a wise investment of time and resources.