What To Expect With a Foundation Inspection

What To Expect With a Foundation Inspection By Everdry Pittsburgh

Are you concerned about the state of your foundation? Have you noticed some disturbing signs in your home that point to foundation problems? The team at Everdry Pittsburgh has extensive experience dealing with foundation issues. You can rely on us for a comprehensive foundation inspection. 

What Does Foundation Inspection Involve? 

Do you want to know whether your foundation is in good condition? Do you want to ensure that foundation problems are repairing-cracked-foundations-evans-city-pa-everdry-waterproofing-of-pittsburgh-1 identified early? Do you want to identify the root cause of a foundation issue? The team at Everdry Pittsburgh provides comprehensive foundation inspection services that will help you get to the heart of any foundation issue. 

Specific foundation inspection procedures may differ based on the circumstances, however, you can generally expect the following. 

  1. Our foundation experts will ask you some questions regarding why you have contacted our team. This gives us an idea of what you are concerned about. We will inspect the area of concern and discuss any other issues that you may be concerned about. We will also ask questions to help guide the rest of the inspection. The responses to these questions will also help us to know what to look for in establishing the root cause of the foundation issue. 
  2. Our team will then proceed to inspect the rest of your home. Many foundation issues are caused by problems in other parts of the home such as the gutters or the landscape. Foundation issues also cause problems in other parts of the home. We will carry out thorough inspection of your property to determine the root cause of the foundation issue as well as to assess the extent of structural damage caused by the foundation issue. basement-drainage-systems-cranberry-township-pa-everdry-waterproofing-of-pittsburgh-2
  3. We will take measurements and samples wherever the need arises. These measurements and samples are useful for verifying our diagnoses. They are also useful for identifying a long term solution. We will also take photos of the damage and anything else we consider relevant. 
  4. The team at Everdry Pittsburgh will assess the results of the information gathered from the assessment and provide you with a detailed report on your foundation issues. This report will include suggested solutions and information on what would be involved in applying these solutions. We will also provide you with an estimate of the costs of repair. 

Are you wondering about the state of your foundation? Get in touch with us for comprehensive foundation inspection. 


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