This is a question and a concern that the basement waterproofing professionals at Everdry hear on a regular basis. The answer to “why is my basement wet?” varies from home to home. Anyone who has dealt with a wet basement knows it is the bane of a homeowner’s existence!

Before you take steps to make any improvements to your basement, such as reclaiming it as living space, you need to understand why it’s getting wet and address that prior to making any improvements. Addressing a wet basement, depending on the cause, is done after a thorough review by your basement waterproofing contractor.

What are some of the reasons you may have a wet basement? Here are a few:water damaged basement

  1. The sump pump isn’t working properly. If it isn’t working properly or if it’s not large enough to handle the amount of water in the basement, you could run into issues with dampness. Your basement waterproofing professional will tell you that you need to test the sump pump between rainfall events to make certain it will kick on when the crock is full of water.
  2. When you consider that your basement is basically sitting inside of a wet sponge (the ground) all of the time, you may notice water seeping in through the walls. If that’s the case you may need to look outside of the home and around the foundation walls to find the source of the water seeping in. If your gutters aren’t properly placed they could be forcing water back into the house. If the grading on your home isn’t quite right, that could also lead to water in the basement. Regardless, there must be cracks in the walls somewhere and they need to be fixed if your basement is going to be dry.
  3. Look inside the house as you may have a leaking or burst pipe that is causing the water issues. A burst pipe could be hidden in a foundation wall or you just might not notice it is leaking if it’s floor level.

If your home is moist, damp or plagued by water in the basement, contact Everdry to provide you with solutions and an estimate to complete the repairs.